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Heart & Soul Yoga Studio Beirut

In a peaceful pocket of Beirut, a group of women gathers every few days to do yoga. Between downward dogs and mountain poses, their lives—all vastly different, all on the brink of change—will clash and converge, as the warm sun continues to set over Lebanon. 

2019 Griffin Award Shortlist; 2018 Corkscrew Theater Festival Reading [Director: Emilyn Kowaleski]. See photos below: 


A Thank You Left Unsaid 

Edie is 65 and a silver-haired force to be reckoned with. On the evening of receiving an important accolade, she suddenly recalls a period from her youth thought long-forgotten. She'd been 20 and living in Paris, and unexpectedly found herself boarding in the apartment of an 87-year old French Lebanese man with early Alzheimer's and his Colombian housekeeper, Patricia.

2014 Sydney Fringe Festival, Old Fitzroy Theatre.  

Where's The Exit? 

Bernard and Bernstein have taken their final bows—it was a great show, they're sure of it. If only they could remember it. Or maybe more importantly, find their exits and leave the stage? A comedy about the theatre, the nature of friendship, and the absurdity of this long-running performance we call life. 

Seymour Center HSC Drama Showcase. Winner of the 2006 Sydney Theatre Young Playwright Award.